Thunderbike Engineering

Fitting Instructions
Tiger 800 Adventure - Thunderbike Sump Guard

  1. Placing your bike on its side stand and tackling this job from the right hand side will make access easiest
  2. Remove the existing sump guard by loosening the 2 front screws and 4 underside nuts
  3. Fit the Thunderbike sump guard using the hardware from the standard sump guard.
    Note: If you are replacing the Triumph Aluminium sump guard you will need to use the two M8 x 20 screws provided instead of the two front M6 screws. These attach into the outer two threaded bosses on the engine bracket as opposed to the inner two used for Triumphs Aluminium sump guard.
  4. Loosely attach the 4 underside nuts first before inserting the 2 front screws
  5. Tighten up all the fasteners and chuckle to yourself that doing the job took less time than reading this!
  6. Double check everything is tight and double check again after your first ride.
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