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Motorcycle Leather Luggage Kits byt CS&V

Motorcycle Luggage by CS&V

Thunderbike are proud to supply high these quality luggage kits from Cs&V. These saddlebag kits are a great addition whether you commute with extra gear, enjoy occasional long rides, or are a hard core mile muncher!

Each luggage kit is specifically designed to fit each model and comes complete with saddlebags in leather or synthetic leather with rigid backside and lockable mounting brackets for easy mounting and removal of the panniers from your motorcycle.

Each kit consists of 1 pair of saddlebags and 1 pair of lockable model specific mounting systems with 2 keys.

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Mounting Systems

There are two mounting systems depending on your bike.

CS&V Quick Release Mounting System for:

  • Triumph Rocket 3
  • Triumph Speedmaster & America
  • Triumph Thunderbird Storm/ Commander
  • Triumph Thunderbird 1600/1700

The CS&V quick release lockable mounting system is discrete and strong and is supplied unmounted with the saddlebags so you can mount them in the best position for you and your bike. Because you mount the quick release system on the saddlebag yourself you can customise the position of the pannier on your motorcycle to suit your requirements and the clearance requirements of your indicators and exhausts. Mounting is straight forward involving drilling 4 holes in the back of the saddlebag. 2 bobbins are supplied with the kit which bolt onto your rear fender mounts (fitting hardware supplied). The bags then simply attach to the bobbins and lock in place. Removal is just as easy leaving only the discreet bobbins in view.

The standard CS&V lockable easy on & off mounting system can be used on the Thunderbird with or without removable backrest / sissybar.

If you have a Thunderbird with detachable backrest, no problem! An additional mounting kit can be ordered. See our Thunderbird luggage listings for details.

CSV quick release system

CS&V quick release system

The Click and Lock mounting system for:

  • Bonneville
  • T100
  • Thruxton
The lockable click system mounts on the saddlebag permanently and is lockable to the saddlebag holder. When mounted the lock is on the inside of the saddlebag.

CS&V luggage click lock system
The saddlebag holders are manufactured from steel and chrome plated. They mount permanently to your motorcycle. The click system allows the saddlebag to be easily mounted/removed from the saddlebag holder.
CS&V luggage click lock system

The click system is supplied unmounted from the saddlebag so you can customise the position of your panniers in respect to indicators, suspension and exhaust clearance. Mounting the click system to the pannier is a simple job. Three holes of 0.5mm and one of 20mm diameter need to be drilled.

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Saddlebag Construction

All leather saddlebags are constructed using Polytech reinforcement which is a 2mm polythene reinforcing panel on the bottom, back and lid. The backside is a rigid HDPE panel to allow attachment of the mounting brackets. This makes for a very form stable saddlebag.

Standard leather is 2-2.2mm, premium saddlebags are available with up 5mm thick bull leather. The synthetic leather bags are reinforced in the corners and the bottoms are doubled with a heat resistant textile.

One of the weak points of a saddlebag are the corners so all corners are reinforced on CS4 saddlebags.

CS&V saddlebag buckle

Traditional rust free buckles with hidden quick release buckles underneath

CS&V saddlebag stitching

Doubled edges and quality stitching

CS&V saddlebag grip

Discrete sliding grip handles on top of each pannier (most models)

CS&V saddlebag velcro flaps

Side flaps with Velcro closure for protection against rain


You also have the option to customize your saddlebag with additional extras as follows.

CS&V customization

C and P coded bags can be customized with:
  • Alutech aluminium reinforcing on the inside (an additional 2mm Aluminium reinforcing layer on the bottom and back)
  • Lid locks
  • Stud detailing
  • Antique brown coloured leather

T coded bags have lid locks as standard and can have studs added as an extra.

X coded bags can be customized with:

  • Stud detailing
  • WCK textured leather finish
CS&V p109 brown motorcycle leather saddlebag

P109 Saddlebag with antique brown leather and lid locks

CS&V t101 motorcycle leather saddlebag black studs

T101 Saddlebag with studs

CS&V t121a csv p109 black motorcycle leather saddlebag studs

Saddlebag T121 with lid lock (standard) and customized studs

CS&V x123 black motorcycle leather saddlebag lock studs

Saddlebag X123 with lid lock, WCK textured leather and studs.

CS&V wck texture finish

WCK texture detail available on X coded bags

CS&V saddlebag alutech description

Option 'AluTech' with aluminium inserts at bottom & backside

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Customer Resources

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Hi Kevin, just letting you know that the parcel arrived yesterday. Everything arrived in perfect order, the luggage rack has fitted on to the bike perfectly and looks great. Thank you for your wonderful service!! Ngaire (Australia)