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Fitting Instructions
Thunderbird 1600 T-Bar

IMPORTANT This should only be attempted by a mechanically competent person with the correct tools, if you are at all unsure please have a qualified motorcycle technician carry out the work for your own safety.
  1. Place a towel or cloth over your expensive fuel tank and gauges.
  2. Remove bar ends on both sides. (4mm Allen key)
  3. Remove switchgear screws on both sides. (No. 2 Philips screwdriver)
  4. Remove lever clamp screws and cable clips and allow brake, clutch and switches to hang loose. (5mm Allen key)
  5. Loosen and remove bar riser bolts from below top yoke (8mm Allen key), lift bars from top yoke and slide off throttle. Keep the spacer tubes and rubber mounts. You will not need the upper chrome cup.
  6. Remove left hand grip and fit to T Bars. The easiest way is to use compressed air down the inside of the grip, if you don’t have access to compressed air carefully insert a long screwdriver between the bar and grip and rotate it using a solvent.
  7. Using a suitable sized file or rotary grinding tool, carefully remove the locating pin on the inside of the throttle housing. A dab of black paint can be used to touch up the filed area.
  8. Slide the throttle onto the T Bars and hold the T Bars in place while re-fitting the mounting bolts. Be sure to re-fit the rubber mounts between the bars and top yoke and re-use the spacers. Do not re-fit the chrome cup on top of the yoke. Tighten bar mount bolts to 48Nm.
  9. Refit levers, switchgears, cable clips and bar end weights to the new bars in reverse order to removal. (See torque settings below)
  10. Check the routing of all cables and operation of all controls. Check throttle for free play and proper return to closed position at both locks before riding. Fit washers as required between the bar end weight and handlebar until the throttle operates smoothly. On non-ABS models you may find tweaking the brake line clip at the lower yoke and/or the top brake line fitting or just pulling the line out from its holder will help relieve any tension there.
  11. Stand back and admire your new bars and polish off all those finger marks!

Torque Settings:

Handlebar Mounting Bolt 48 Nm
Front Brake Master Cylinder Clamp 15 Nm
Clutch Clamp 12 Nm
Bar Ends 8 Nm
Switchgear Screws 3 Nm
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