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Fitting Instructions
Rocket 3 T-Bar

IMPORTANT – This should only be attempted by a mechanically competent person with the correct tools, if you are at all unsure please have a qualified motorcycle technician carry out the work for your own safety.
  1. Hide your beer away - this is a beer-free zone for the next hour!
  2. Do not eat – these T-Bars are not fit for human consumption. That’s the stupid disclaimers out of the way. Let’s get on with the job...
  3. Place a towel or cloth as shown to cover your expensive fuel tank.
    Triumph Rocket III T-Bar Fitting
  4. Remove switch block screws and lever clamp screws on both sides.
  5. Remove bar ends and throttle sleeve.
  6. Remove left hand grip by carefully inserting a long screwdriver between the bar and grip and rotating it using a solvent. Alternatively you can use compressed air blown between the grip and bar.
  7. Remove the plastic cover from top fork clamp which covers the instrument bracket mount bolts. Remove the two bolts and place the instruments complete with mounting bracket on the fuel tank.
    Attention! As soon as you loosen the handlebar clamps the bars will flop. Be careful and get someone to hold them while you unbolt the bars.
    Triumph Rocket III T-Bar Fitting
  8. Slacken and remove bolts from the handlebar clamp, remove bars. You should be able to remove the throttle assembly once the bars are free of the clamps.
  9. Fit the throttle assembly over the end of the T Bars and then fit the clutch bracket to the bars.
  10. Fit bars to bar clamps and finger tighten, center and align bars so that they follow the same line as the forks. When viewed from the side the plastic bung in the end of the t-bar riser should be parallel with the top of the triple clamp.
  11. Secure bar clamps, clamping the rear two bolts first of all to reset the angle the gauge plate mounts at to allow extra gauge to t-bar clearance. Place gauges in mounted position to check that there will be enough clearance before going on to step 12. If clearance between bars and instruments is sufficient then torque the bar clamps to 26Nm.
  12. If clearance between bars and instruments is insufficient then do either of the following to achieve a good fit:
    Adjust bars forward till clearance is o.k. then torque the bar clamps to 26Nm...
    Torque the bar clamps to 26Nm and refit instruments using supplied bracket plate between the top clamp and the instrument bracket to space the instruments away from the bars (Note: take care at this point to ensure that the instruments are clear of the bars and do not contact the tank when the bars are rotated, you may need to tweak the bracket slightly to achieve the best fit between tank, instruments and bars)

  13. Refit controls and bar end weights to the new bars in reverse order to removal, re-adjust throttle cable freeplay and check that the twist-grip returns to the closed position correctly. (Note: if the throttle is not free try adding a few washers to space the barend weight away from the grip)
  14. Double check the operation of all controls and ensure safe operation of bike before riding.
  15. Enjoy your new bars. :-)
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