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Fitting Instructions
Bonneville/T100 - Comfort bars fitting instructions

  1. Remove seat  ( 2 x 5mm Allen Head bolts )
  2. Remove Fuel tank ( 2x 8mm headed bolts at rear of tank) remember to turn fuel tap off before disconnecting fuel line and tank breather
  3. Loosen Throttle cables but do not remove nipples from throttle shaft
  4. Remove throttle housing from handlebars and front master cylinder from bars (1 x Phillips screw and 2 x 5mm Allen bolts) Remove the cable retainers in the housing to allow complete removal of cables as you will now have to re-route them.
  5. Re-route throttle cables under and to the right of the main frame backbone. Thread cables between coil and coil brace, around the steering lock and between the triple clamps.
  6. Remove clutch cable from clutch lever and engine, remove old handlebars.
  7. Fit new handlebars. Refit new clutch cable. Refit throttle cables using new routing (Make sure throttle operates freely at full steering lock either side)
  8. Remove original brake hose and replace with new one. Note torque values for brake hose end fittings (20Nm) and the requirement for loctite on those fittings. (Re-use original brake banjo bolts)
  9. Bleed brakes and pressure test brake line for any signs of leakage.
  10. Ensure all fittings are reconnected and torqued and that throttle, brakes and clutch are operating correctly.
  11. Refit tank and seat.
  12. Go riding!
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