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Fitting Instructions
Bonneville/Twin - Air Injection Removal Kit (Carb Models)

  1. Remove seat bolts and remove the seat.
  2. Remove the negative wire from the battery's negative terminal.
  3. Turn fuel tap off, remove fuel line from tap.
  4. Lift rear of tank to access fuel tank breather pipe located on the opposite side and forward of fuel tap. Remove pipe and fuel tank.
  5. Slide back the band clamps and remove the rubber hoses connecting the air injectors to the air injection valve, slide back the band clamps then remove the breather tube connecting the air box to the air valve. Install the hole plug (supplied) into the air breather box.
  6. Remove the rubber hose connecting the air valve to the carburetors. Replace with rubber cap (supplied) on the carburetor.
  7. Remove air valve from frame by removing the 2 bolts.
  8. Remove the air injectors with a 13mmdeep well socket or wrench. Note: it’s a tight fit with minimal clearance so you may need to modify a tool to suit If the injector is difficult to remove   BE PATIENT. Try soaking the base of the injector with penetrating oil.
  9. Install the stainless steel AI Bolts using the supplied copper washers. Torque to 15- 20 ft/lbs or "snug" if no torque wrench is available. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Note: Place a couple drops of anti-seize on the threads as this will aid in the removal later if necessary.
  10. Install remaining removed parts in reverse order.
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